Fire Insurance

This policy covers loss of or damage to property insured caused by or arising from:

  1. Damage by fire & lightning;
  2. Damage by explosions of domestic boiler or domestic gas cylinder not forming part of a gas work;
  3. Damage by water or other extinguishing agents used to put out the fire;
  4. Damage resulting from gaining access to a fire;
  5. Smoke damages caused by fire;
  6. Riot, strike and malicious damage;
  7. Explosion;
  8. Impact damage by own vehicles and third party vehicles;
  9. Aircraft Impact Damage;
  10. Bursting and / or overflowing of water tanks apparatus and pipes (excluding sprinkler system);
  11. Bush / Lalang Fire;
  12. Spontaneous combustion;
  13. Storm and Tempest;
  14. Flood
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    • Group Hospitalization & Surgical
    • Group Personal Accident
    • Personal Medical
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    • Comprehensive General Liability
    • Director’s and Officer’s Liability
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Management Liability
    • Products Liability
    • Public Liability
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    • Commercial Vehicle Insurance
    • Private Car Secure – Comprehensive Insurance (Enhanced Private Car Policy)
    • Private Car Secure – Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance
    • Private Car – Third Party Insurance
    • Motorcycle Insurance
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This policy provides protection against financial loss suffered due to interruption of business operations in consequence of damage to the property insured.

This policy covers:

    • Loss of Profit due to the reduction of Turnover
    • Standing Charges
    • The additional expenditure necessarily and reasonably incurred for the sole purpose of avoiding or diminishing the reduction in Turnover
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This insurance provides coverage to the Insured against breakage of plate glass on the premises as a result of unforeseen incident of misfortune.

This may include breakage of glass including writing or ornamentation (provided it is specifically insured) against fire, impact damage, malicious damage, storm tempest or any other causes not specifically excluded under the Policy.

The Policy may be arranged on a first loss basis but premium is calculated on the full sum insured of plate glass.

Some of the major exclusion under the Policy includes breakage whilst the premises is on alteration, renovation or repairs, any consequential loss, war and terrorism

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    • Accidental death and disablement
    • Medical expense incurred as a result of an accident or sickness
    • Emergency medical evacuation
    • Repatriation expenses incurred to return your mortal remains to the country
    • Emergency travel of family members to visit you if you are hospitalized for more than 5 days
    • Emergency hotel accommodation for a family member or friend if you are hospitalized for more than 5 days
    • Legal expenses incurred in an automobile accident
    • Personal legal liability expenses incurred as a result of accidental injury and loss or damage of property toward third party
    • Damage to household contents (due to fire) of your residence left vacant for the full duration of the trip
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    • Goods in Transit
    • Marine Cargo
    • Marine Hull
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